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Handsome Beck is the cutest, sweetest pony gelding ever!  This little guy is healthy, sturdy, and strong.  He is easy to handle and stands like a gentleman for the farrier and vet.  He rides with tack, bareback, lead line and independently.  At this point, he does best as a lead line pony, but he is just beginning to get back into work after many years off.  We have seen no buck, bolt, or rear.  Because he is a little guy, we recommend a smaller child rider.  He does have some opinions when ridden but the worst we've seen him do is refuse to move out.  He is easy to get going if the rider is confident and calm, and will benefit from an adult working with a child rider.  He is willing and stands quietly for grooming, tacking, and mounting.  He isn't spooky or nervous but can get distracted by his buddies in the field.  Beck will thrive in a home with consistent expectations.  He enjoys humans and is a joy to work with.  Does Beck sound like the little guy for you?  Please complete an adoption application today!


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