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Coggins: November 2022

Vaccines: November 2022

Float: January 2023

Farrier: every 6 weeks

Mya is an 8 year old Tennesse Walking Horse cross that we pulled from a kill pen back in November 2022. She is young, healthy, energetic, and exhibits habits that make us think she was used as a cart horse. She is sweet, gentle, and a very quick learner who has unlimited potential. She is best suited for an experienced rider interested in a forward horse. If you are looking for a young horse as a Spring project, Mya is going to be your gal.

Update: 5-10-2023: Mya is currently in Keswick, VA at the Equine Welfare Society Training Barn. All adoption visits will take place at that location.

Leading and Ground Manners: Can be led easily with a flat halter and lead rope

Grooming: Quiet and respectful. Able to quietly stand tied. Occasional pawing noted but improving rapidly with training.

Horse Care: Requires no extra maintenance aside from the basics (feed, water, shelter, routine vet and hoof care)

General Demeanor: Calm, gentle, agreeable, may show mild anxiety in new situations but has never spooked

Physical Capability: Gaited but needs further training to maintain gait(s). Unlimited potential with training as she learns quickly and retains skills taught. Better suited mentally for getting out and going than ring work; possibly trail, pleasure, obstacle or endurance riding.

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