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Reba is an energetic sorrel mare that came to VEWS as an owner surrender in April 2022. She is a cute, compact mare that is looking for a kind and confident partner. She spent several months with the trainers at Equine Welfare Society, and it was determined she is not dependable under saddle. She is not a hot, high-energy horse, but she is anxious and can be spooky. She takes time to be comfortable in her surroundings and needs her handler to be firm and consistent while maintaining a calm energy. She is very personable on the ground, clever, and enjoys praise and attention. Reba is best suited as a companion horse and bonds closely with her herdmates.

Leading and Ground Manners: Can be led with a flat halter and lead rope. May be slightly pushy/antsy when anxious. Will do well with a handler who sets and maintains boundaries.

Grooming: Quiet and respectful, displays no vices, stands quietly tied

Horse Care: Aside from the basics (feed, water, shelter, routine vet and hoof care), Reba benefits from a hoof supplement and requires dental floating every 6 months to correct years of neglect

General Demeanor: Generally quiet and agreeable, low-mid dominance, may be anxious in new situations

Horse Riding Capability: Not dependable under saddle; can be reactive and go-to response is to rear

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