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Meet this sweet, strong, owner-surrendered gelding named Miso. This registered Thoroughbred arrived Feb 13 with a Body Condition Score of 1.5. He has been staying at our quarantine barn for extra care to help him get back on his feet; er, hooves, and will soon be at our rehab barn. Miso has been vet checked and is on an approved re-feeding program; doing well.

This boy is a fighter and is already looking and acting stronger and healthier! Miso is 21 years old and has a "blown" knee that doesn't slow him down much but does mean that he will only be available as a companion. Miso is very gentle and kind. Look into his eyes and you will see his incredible spirit! Stay tuned as he continues to gain strength on his journey to become adoptable. Could you offer him his forever, loving home?

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