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SPONSORING A HORSE is an opportunity to make a personal difference. The majority of our rescue horses need extra care, from specific nutrition needs to frequent veterinary care and special farrier services. Maintaining that care for these horses through rehabilitation can be an expensive and significant undertaking.

Many of our horses spend several months in rehabilitation so we can ensure their optimal mental and physical wellbeing, which oftentimes have been damaged from being in the auction pipeline or in abusive and/or neglectful conditions. We also focus on refreshing their training under saddle.

VEWS maintains an average of four (4) horses at any given time at our barn. It costs our rescue approx. $850 per month to house, feed and care for a horse. Tack sales, barbeques and silent auctions alone do not raise enough money to cover every expense. This is why VEWS horses need YOU!


Sponsor a VEWS Horse

Through regular monthly contributions, YOU have the chance to make a personal and immediate impact in the life of a horse! Various levels of tax-deductible sponsorships are available:

  • Co-Op Care. We recognize not everyone with the desire to be a sponsor is able to manage the full average monthly expense, so we have created co-op care levels: 


GOLD ($175/month) - Sponsor the cost of a horse’s medical care

PLATINUM ($125/month) - Sponsor partial shelter (board) for a horse

SILVER ($75/month) - Sponsor the cost of hay for a horse 

BRONZE ($45/month) - Sponsor the cost of feed for a horse 


  • Recurring Monthly Donation. We welcome any amount from our sponsors, but we kindly ask that you commit to a regular monthly donation.


Whether it is a specific monthly co-op care sponsorship or simply a recurring monthly donation, we need and appreciate your support!

Recurring monthly donations can be made using the link below. You can cancel at any time; however, we do ask that you let us know in advance via email.

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