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Hallie adopted.JPG


Adopted June 2024

Hallie arrived as a rescue to rescue transfer from Wings of Hope in early June 2024.  The daily grind of lessons just wasn't Hallie's thing, but with a tune up under saddle, Hallie was quickly riding around the ring at Ashland Stables with our training partner, very well!  A big, beautiful mare, Hallie found her forever home when her new family came out to meet and ride her!  Now Hallie is in the next chapter of her life, toting family members on peaceful, enjoyable trail rides.  Best of luck and all good things to Hallie and her new family!



Adopted June 2024

Duncan and his buddy Domino came to VEWS as owner surrenders in March 2024.  These friends lived a harsh life until they arrived at VEWS.  Duncan, as the elder statesman at our rescue, loved watching the activity, as well as grazing quietly in the sun, and getting lots of attention. In June 2024, he was adopted by a loving and experienced family who treat him like a king!  Duncan and his new horse friend look forward to many days of grazing and soaking up lots of attention.  Congrats sweet boy!  We will miss you but we are so happy for you and your family!



Adopted April 2024

This handsome TB gelding arrived at VEWS as a rescue to rescue transfer.  Outlaw's good looks and charming manners quickly won over volunteers.  Outlaw was easy to handle and loved to run to volunteers when it was time to eat!  He showed excellent potential as a riding horse too and it wasn't long until he found his forever home.  Even better?  He will live with former VEWS residents Belle and Clyde!  All the best Outlaw; we are so happy for you!



Adopted February 2024

Tucker may own the VEWS record for quickest to find a home, but on his second try.  This kind, sweet and gentle Rocky Mountain Horse Cross originally left VEWS for a home in 2022.  Although his family adored him, their situation changed, and they were unable to keep him, so Tucker returned to VEWS.  Once back at the rescue, Tucker quickly won the hearts of volunteers...and his new family.  Less than 24 hours after being listed as adoptable, Tucker found his forever home and best of all?  He will be living with his VEWS' friend Izzy, new mare friend Candy, and humans who love him!  Best of luck to all!!



Adopted January 2024

Izzy arrived at VEWS as an owner surrender, looking defeated and uncomfortable.  After good care by our vet, farrier, and volunteers, Izzy was feeling much better and looking much brighter.  Loved by everyone, Izzy was sweet and easy to handle, even on those days when we knew she wasn't feeling her best.  Imagine our excitement when a wonderful family came to meet Izzy, and looking past her medical challenges, saw only her kind and gentle personality.  Izzy is now living with that family and her new friend, another mare.  How wonderful that Izzy will live out her days surrounded by love and care.  



Adopted January 2024

Dahlia may have been the first Appaloosa resident at VEWS and what a beautiful representative of the breed!  An owner surrender, Dahlia wasn't with us very long.  She captured tons of interest with her beautiful coloring, conformation, and kind and willing personality.  Although green broke, Dahlia was very calm and quiet under saddle.  Now, she lives with Major and Miracle with a wonderful family who plan to ride the trails with Dahlia. We are so happy for this gentle and beautiful mare. 

Lacey adopted.JPG


Adopted June 2024

  Lacey first came to VEWS in 2023 as an owner surrender.  She was adopted out in the summer of 2023, with her BFF Belle and lived in a wonderful home. All was well until another VEWS alumni, Clyde, joined the family, and the herd dynamics changed dramatically.  Lacey was returned in Spring 2024 when her family could not solve the issue with separate/adjoining pastures, and Lacey's bossiness got the best of her.  Fast forward to June 2024 when her adopter drove 3 hours to meet and ride Lacey.  Love at first sight is real!  Now Lacey lives in the mountains of western Virginia as a trail horse and loving partner.  All the best to Lacey and her family!



Adopted June 2024

Our handsome young man Duke was pulled from a kill pen underweight, sick, and scared.  Fast forward a couple months and this boy stands 15.1 at a year old and is active, curious, and friendly.  He received vet care for his respiratory illness, which cleared, as well as good food and attention.  Now thriving, Duke moved to his forever home with another VEWS alumni, Domino.  These 2 will share a beautiful home with a loving and big hearted VEWS volunteer and her family, which includes another VEWS alumni and his buddy.  We couldn't be happier for them and we cannot wait to see how Duke progresses with his training.



Adopted April 2024

Our little Clydesdale-looking Beck found his forever home as a lead line pony in April 2024.  Beck arrived at VEWS as an owner surrender who survived a harsh life with his buddy Miso.  Beck charmed everyone at VEWS with his beginner safe manners and frequent shenanigans trying to be the big man in a world of bigger horses.  So cute and loveable, it didn't take Beck long to find his family.  We are thrilled he will be living his best life as a lead line pony with a family who adores him.



Adopted February 2024

This 21 year old Mountain Pleasure Cross mare was an owner surrender who reportedly was ridden previously by children.  Bonnie proved to be beginner safe for most everything on the ground and was easy to get going back under saddle.  Bonnie's new BFF is a young rider who easily handles her under Western and English tack and felt an immediate connection with this mare.  This pair will be working together in future 4-H competitions and we know they will have a great time!  Best of luck to Bonnie and her new family!



Adopted January 2024

Our sweet gentleman Clyde came to VEWS as an owner surrender.  A volunteer favorite for his good looks and gentle manner, Clyde proved to be easy to handle for most everything. Although Clyde lost vision in his left eye at some point in his life, he did not let that hold him back.  Clyde didn't need much time to find his forever home with two other VEWS adopted horses: Lacey and Belle.  Clyde's new BFF plans to ride him with her 4-H Club and learn about horsemanship and riding.  We are so happy that these 3 horses will live out their lives together with a wonderful family.  Happy trails Clyde!



Adopted January 2024

Sweet and kind Miracle, who came to us as an owner surrender with her buddy Major, has the greatest happy ending!  The same family who adopted Major several months prior, decided to add Miracle and Dahlia to their family!  We are so happy for this good-hearted mare who loves to give her all to her person.  Miracle will live out her life with her VEWS buddies Major and Dahlia, while learning more about trails, dressage, and maybe even cross country!  We know that Miracle will blossom into an awesome riding horse with her new family.  Happy trails Miracle!

Domino Adopted.jpg


Adopted June 2024

Handsome and sweet Domino arrived at VEWS in March 2024 as an owner surrender in need of TLC.  And TLC is exactly what this good boy received during his time at VEWS....that, and a lot of hugs and affection.  Quickly earning volunteers' extra snuggles, Domino was originally fostered and went home with Duke to serve as Duke's companion.  But it didn't take very long for his foster family to fall in love with Domino too; and realize they didn't want him to ever leave their farm.  Domino and Duke now enjoy their days along with another VEWS' alumni, CJ, and Johnny,  a fourth gelding.  The boys are safe now with a loving, knowledgeable family who will love them forever.  Congrats to all!!

Miso head.JPG

Miso Registered Name Conquestable


Rest in Peace

Our sweet Miso arrived at VEWS in Feb 2024 with a body condition score of 1.5.  Enduring years of neglect, Miso had a fighting spirit, but calm and gentle ways that quickly made him a volunteer favorite.  We are grateful that Miso's last few months were spent with VEWS, surrounded by love, kindness, and care.  He loved his pasture mates and his grazing time in the sun. Miso died at VEWS, knowing his last race was done and he was among friends.  Rest in Peace Miso.  We will never forget you, sweet boy.



Adopted March 2024

Beautiful, kind, and sweet Tina arrived at VEWS as an owner surrender and quickly won the hearts of VEWS volunteers.  This gorgeous OTTB mare, last raced in 2017, quickly showed her training under saddle with just a couple rides!  Easy to handle and quick to please, Tina is now living her best life with her adopter who absolutely adores her and has amazing plans for their future together.  What a journey this mare has had!  All the best to you Tina!



Adopted January 2024

Ellie was an owner surrender who quickly captured hearts with her gorgeous coloring and kind eyes. She proved to be a mare who had many layers to her personality:  she was a rockstar with children in our after-school program but could also be a handful at times for volunteers.  Ellie found her perfect home with an adopter who loves ground work and has lots of patience, experience,  and love to give Ellie.  We know they have a great future together and we can't wait to watch what happens!

LB head.jpg

LB/Elbie/Long Black

Adopted January 2024

This gorgeous hunk of a Thoroughbred gelding was an owner surrender.  He spent his time with our partners, Equine Welfare Society, learning and refreshing the basics. Under EWS' expert care, LB thrived with consistent work and handling. He learned to relax and "enjoy the ride." Now, he is living his best days in a caring, knowledgeable home with humans who understand him and will always look out for him. Best of luck LB!  We are so happy for you!

Yoshi 1.JPG


Rest In Peace

In January 2024, after much discussion with, and thorough examinations by our vet, we made the decision to humanely help Yoshi cross the Rainbow Bridge.  An owner surrender, Yoshi displayed symptoms of neurological issues, as well as behavorial issues. As winter progressed it became clear that the chances of Yoshi surviving the winter and finding a home were very low. Rescue life was very stressful for Yoshi with the frequent arrivals and departures of herdmates and we needed to let Yoshi go with dignity and respect.  We will remember Yoshi and his quirky ways, making us laugh at his excitement to come to his dinner and the way he would suck on his tongue when he was bored.  Run free Yoshi.  We will miss you and never forget you. Rest in Peace.

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