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Bonnie Hoffmann

Board Vice President
Adoption Director
Marketing Director

I rescued my first pony when I was 12.  Trixie was blind, had no training and had been left in a cow pasture for years.  Most of my childhood memories include my adventures with Trixie as I taught her to ride and pull a cart.  Those experiences, along with learning the importance of serving others during my military career in the Army and Air Force, made me who I am today.  During my 50- plus years with horses, I have personally rescued more than 18 horses, mules and donkeys.  When I retired from my second career as a high school teacher in 2021, I discovered VEWS and joined in January 2022. I'm proud to be part of such a wonderful organization that allows me to continue working with horses and people. Today, my husband and I live with my herd that includes a Chincoteague Pony I trail ride, a mini horse and team of pony mules I drive, and a mini donkey.  I love my shifts at VEWS!  As Adoption Director, I love working with my Adoption Team to find wonderful homes for our VEWS horses.  

Bonnie Hoffmann
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