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Adopted November 2020

Maggie, a sweet and gentle
QH mare spent some time at
a lesson barn. Although her owner was going to donate her to the lesson program, the barn manager felt Maggie would be better suited with one person/
owner rather than multiple students. A follower of the VEWS Facebook page fell in love with her, giving her a
forever home.



Adopted September 2020

Stormy, a bay OTTB gelding,
spent some time in a riding
program after coming off the
track and then ended up
at auction. Although he
punctured his right eye at
a previous rescue, Stormy
learned how to navigate his
world seeing with just one eye.
Stormy spent some time at a
VEWS-affiliated training barn
before finding his forever home.



Adopted April 2020

River, a young, sweet and friendly
Paint mare was surrendered to
VEWS by her owner. She was
willing and intelligent and held
the potential to train in a variety
of different things. Having a slight
frame, she needed a small rider.
River found her forever home and
became a show pony.



Adopted March 2020

Finn, a Morgan gelding that came to VEWS via the auction pipeline, sought to please and would win anyone over with his kind demeanor. He was extremely responsive on the ground and under saddle with impeccable manners. He had a long-standing habit of cribbing, both in stall and out in the field. Finn was adopted out to a private owner and found his place as a lesson horse.
Bonus – he reportedly hasn’t
cribbed again.



Adopted April 2020

Cisco, a Tennessee Walker gelding owner-surrender viewed the world with patience and dignity. He spent just a short time at VEWS as he captured the heart of one of our volunteers the day he arrived.

IMG_7684 (1).jpg


Adopted August 2020

Bentley, a super sweet senior Chestnut unregistered Thoroughbred was rescued from auction after supposedly
being a lesson horse. He had exceptional ground manners and was very easy going. Bentley found his forever home on a beautiful farm
with several other horses. He
spends his time trail riding.



Adopted January 2020

Freya, a Quarter Horse/Arabian
chestnut mare with a spunky
personality came to VEWS from a
feed lot. She had lost some range
of motion in her left front knee due
to an old injury and subsequent
arthritis. She was a very social
horse having definite opinions
about things. She found a special
bond and her forever home with
one of our volunteers.



Adopted March 2020

Winchester, a sweet, handsome senior Draft cross was pulled from the auction pipeline. He was very quiet and reserved, showing signs of a difficult past, but seemed to understand that he was now in hands that wouldn’t harm him. As Winchester settled in to the
daily routine at VEWS, we were blessed to have an adopter reach out to us and offer him a forever home where he could get the special care he needed and experience the peace and love he deserved.



Adopted April 2020

Renegade, a QH/Paint gelding
that was originally pulled from a
feed lot, bounced around a bit
finding a soft place to land at
VEWS. He loved people and had a
lot of personality. To show his
stubborn streak, he seemed to
pierce you with his albino left
eye until he decided you could be
trusted. Renegade spoke to the
heart of a VEWS volunteer and
became a part of their family.



Adopted September 2020

Fancy, a young gray Appendix
mare had been pulled from the
auction pipeline and bounced
around a little before coming
to VEWS. She was sweet and
spunky and liked to keep
everyone on their toes. Fancy
was adopted by one of our
volunteers who lavished
her with love and attention,
and subsequently brought out
the best in her.



Adopted January 2020

Dakota, a young Paint gelding, was taken by local Animal Control after being found severely neglected and malnourished. After nursing him back to health, they gave him to VEWS to prepare for adoption. He was sweet-
natured, curious and very playful. Dakota quickly found his forever home
with one of our volunteers.

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